Attributes of a Good Party Planner

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Becoming a party planner might appear to be easy, but that’s not the case. A good party planner must handle all the concepts from the venue, food, drinks, and entertainment. The ultimate goal is to ensure that guests are happy and entertained from when the party begins until the very end. Below are the attributes of a good party planner.

Exceptional Organization Skills

As an event planner, you need to have excellent organizational skills. That means you should have a keen eye for detail to give the clients and their guests a time of their life! You have to make sure that the schedule remains as planned, the budget is intact, ordered foods and beverages are available, and entertainment is guaranteed.

Audio-visual Systems Knowhow

You will need to have the right ear for the audio-visual (A/V) systems. If you have little know-how, attend some classes and work with some of the best service providers in that sector. Good audio-visual ensures that you will provide your clients with the best systems and experience. For instance, a surround system for outdoor or indoors, wireless microphones are working, and there is a backup of the systems. A poor a/v system results in a lousy party, which is not you and the client want!

Good Time Management

Excellent time management skills are a must-have for any event planner. You must plan everything according to the agreed time frame. You have to work round the clock and handle all the tasks assigned by the client. You do not want the client and guests to arrive before you, or to have them wait for long hours before getting served.

Something about Events

That may depend on if it is an outdoor or indoor event. The former may require you to hire tents, chairs, a/v, and lighting systems. Ensure you always know about every aspect of event planning. You can also network with different service providers.