Available Fee Structures to Consider When Hiring Your Event Venue

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After identifying available venue charges, the next step is pricing. It is also your chance to negotiate for a place that you can afford. Prices will vary depending on the location, services and amenities at the venue. Here are the different cost structures that are available:

Flat Rate Fee

Also known as the hire fee, it is constant, and you will be charged depending on the time you need the venue. Depending on your type of event, it can pay for hourly rates, a few days or the entire week. It will also change with the services you need. For instance, if you need catering and audiovisual system services. Ensure that you get several services if you go for a flat-rate fee.

Package Per Person Cost

Package per person rates include everyone that attends the event. That will include the food and drinks served for the event. That means if you have invited 50 guests, you will pay more for extra people. Make sure that you know what the cost covers in the package.

Day Delegate Rates

Most hotels and conference centers will charge you for the event using the day delegate rates—the difference with other structures is they provide extra services. For instance, they may offer AV systems for the period you book a conference center. Additionally, they are likely to provide notebooks, pens, and free internet for the event. If you are planning a corporate or business event, then you can often get a good deal from hotels and conference centers.

Minimum Number of Attendees and Planned Budget

Many venues, such as bars, hotels and restaurants, will give you a good deal depending on the minimum budget and guests. You will not need to pay a deposit first, but you may sign an agreement to spend a minimum amount of money. They just need to cover the cost and make some profits from their end.